transfertTransfer service
Domestic and International, one or more days and for any kind of requirement.

turismoTourist services
Ranging from school tourism, art tourism, religious tourism.

eventiEvents services
Conferences, events, ceremonies, birthdays, graduations.

lineaPublic transportation
Every year our vehicles run through 1.5 million kilometres to deliver an extra-urban transport service between the provinces of Ravenna and Bologna. Ricci Bus operates three lines of public transport outside the city: Castel Guelfo-Lugo , Bagnara-Faenza , Faenza-Errano.

disabiliServices for the disabled
Every day, Ricci Bus provides people with disabilities with various means of transportation in the provinces of Ravenna and Bologna. These are buses with lifting platforms for the transportation of wheelchairs, not to mention the qualified and highly professional staff.

scuolabusSchool bus
Every day Ricci Bus ensures school transportation, both outward and return, on behalf of several municipalities in the area of Ravenna and Bologna.