Every company has its history. Ours is linked to a family tradition that has its roots in 1945. Since then, every goal we have achieved – and they are many – was, for us, a small victory. Today Ricci Bus is a solid company that deals not only with transportation, but also with its costumers’ comfort during their journey. Because every trip has its comforts. Here is our curriculum vitae:

2015 our headquarters: Sales office in Imola, administrative office in Bagnara.

2004 Ricci Bus becomes SRL, remaining the historical company that has always stood out for its reliability, professionalism and punctuality in managing its costumers’ transportation, both in Italy and abroad.

2000 Ricci Bus becomes a large company: a SPA with headquarters in Bologna; its staff counts over 80 employees.

1994 In September the company took the leap: Ricci Bus enters the circuit of the local public transportation in the province of Bologna.

1991 One of the most significant milestones. Ricci Bus is officially a founding member of CO.E.R.BUS., a consortium based in Lugo di Romagna, in the province of Ravenna, which brings together the most important carriers of Romagna.

1990 The company opened a sales office in Imola, which is still nowadays a fundamental landmark for our customers.

1967 Ricci Bus obtains from the Ministry of Transport the first authorization to become a dealer of local bus transportation in the province of Ravenna.

1950 With cars on the market, the car rental, with or without a driver, begins.

1945 The adventure began after the war with bicycles and motorcycles rental.